This video shows the BMW i8 filmed with the use of a quadrocopter. The video, due to the way it is shot is able to show some very cool angles of the BMW i8. If you haven’t heard about the BMW i8 its definitely a car you should check out as it is billed by BMW as “The Most Progressive Sports Car”.

The reason for this statement is that the designers at BMW have aimed to make this car revolutionise its vehicle class. How are they aiming to do this? By making the i8 the first sports car which has emission values of a compact car. This is done by combining an electric motor and combustion engine.

BMW Links and Resources

cropped-bmw-logo-png.pngBMW turns 100 this year and has impressive milestones under its belt as it hits the centennial mark. The company that started out as an airplane engine manufacturer when it was formed in 1916 has climbed the ranks of automobile, engine and motorcycle manufacturing to be named the most reputable company by Forbes in 2012. BMW, which stands for Bayerische Motorenwerke, German for Bavarian Motor Works started out making airplane engines which were lauded by Red Baron, the most popular fighter pilot in history, as the greatest engines. The BMW links and resources provided On is extensive and covers everything from vehicle resources to manuals and documents differentiating UK specific information to that suited for the US market.

For instance, the BMW Group education program is specific to the UK, launched 17 years ago to provide educational resources that were useful for students of all levels as well as parents and teachers. The program is tailored for the UK’s curriculum but is available for use by individuals around the world. Other UK specific BMW links and resources provided in the site include technical and discussion forums and a DIY and Instructional section. The links that are available for owners looking for assistance or just fans of BMW include a comprehensive list of all BMW official websites and, forums and helpful instructional showcasing the company’s commitment to customer orientation which is a building block of the company. Other resources available include clubs and registries available around the world, BMW magazines and accessories, vehicle information and tools including a VIN checker and owner services. One may also be able to find useful information on BMW AG and other affiliate sites.

The BMW community has created other links to resources that individuals may find useful such as sites that cater to vintage BMW owners and BMW dealers in various states or motorcycle clubs and activities available. This concept of community is not just big with vehicle and motorcycle owners but with the company as well. For instance the company fought an attempted take-over by Daimler-Benz, the parent company for Mercedes, in 1959 by enlisting all staff including the lowest mechanics in a bid to buy back shares before finding salvation in the form of a private investor. The family still owns shares of the company with the rest in free float. Additionally, the company also bought back the old motorcycle factory they used in Munich, to build BMW classic parts in it. With the historical strides made by the company including building the fastest motorcycle in the world and making record breaking airplane engines in its early days the company still holds to its roots. BMW won the Formula 1 championship with the M10 four-cylinder engine that had been around for 20 years and World War II era car parts are still available through the BMW Classic program a resource vintage lovers find indispensable.

A final tidbit that makes BMW resources invaluable is the fact that BMWs are essentially LEGOs and parts from different makes can be put together to make a monster of a vehicle. The discussion forums and the DIYs and instructional sections offer great advice in this aspect.